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Alexia gerard


Does jennifer lopez wear contact enses?

Jennifer Lopez looks amazing. Does she wear contact lenses?
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  • Sean


    Yes, the Jennifer Lopez wears the contact lenses. It is the grey contact lenses that she wears. After wearing the contact lenses, she will look bigger at the eyes. From the whole effect, she will look so gorgeous. Besides the grey color of contact lenses, there are other amazing contact lenses, like the blue color and chocolate color.
  • Dylan duncan


    Yes of course, she does, as a matter of fact, she is considered to be the most influencial spanish originated artist in America. She originally has got a pair of black or dark brown eyes, However, sometimes , out of acting needs, she will wear some colored contact lenses to appear more attractive or for visual purpose. Anyway, she is hot and amazing, but she rarely wear eyeglasses.maybe she has great vision.
  • Janice


    She is gorgeous, yet it is hard to tell whether she wears contact lenses or not. If you want to have a try of contact lenses, I think you should have a try. Now the technologies for contact lenses develops very well and improved. So far according to research, it is very safe to wear contact lenses. And I really recommend color contact lenses to you. It can make your eyes sparking! And there are many colors, patterns of color contact lenses that you can choose. Please note that the time of wearing color contact lenses should be shorter than the normal ones. Less than 6-8 hours should be better. Hope you can find the suitable contact lenses for you.
  • Kristina Large


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