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Can food allergies cause eye swelling?

Is it possible to get swelling eyes because of food allergies. Any idea?
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  • Shavonda D


    Yes, it is possible for you to get the swelling eyes because of the food ellergies. Since you get the food allergies, you may vomit. Your skin will be the first affected element. The eye nerves will work in disorder too. You will feel that the eyes get swelling. You should use some anti-inflammation medicine to release the symptom.
  • cnpriest


    Yes, indeed, as a matter of fact, swelling eyes is one of the symptoms in relation to food allergies, since it would give rise to multiple reactions, some of them may be very serious. As you can see, allergic reactions are resulted from a deficiency or impairment of your immune system, therefore, it would be wise for you to improve your system by taking more regular exercise and take some anti-allergy eye drops. Hope you recover asap.
  • Patricia


    Well, yes, food allergies can lead to swelling eyes. Generally speaking, food allergies happen everywhere and it can be dangerous. And if you have suffered food allergies, your body will be affected. You should know that it can lead to red eyes, watery eyes, even puffy eyes. At that moment, we can say that it can disorder your eyes, and in some cases, it can lead to swelling eyes. So it can just make your eyes look puffy. Anyway, it can be annoying. Besides, food allergies can cause many signs and symptoms, which could be triggered by ingestion, inhalation. If the symptom is too serious, you should go and see a doctor as soon as possible.