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Can you change your eye color with surgery?

Does surgery change the color of eyes? Or what can i do if i want to change the color of my eyes?
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  • elite_couture


    Yes, although the color of eyes is fixed through the genes which are endowed, there is the surgery that helps us change the color of eyes. Recently, in United States California, there is a doctor Greg ? Homer claiming that he can through the laser surgery permanently change iris color. Then the eyes will be changed the color. According to the introduction, this operation is needed as long as 20 seconds. The computer will scan the color of the iris through the laser to damage the genes of the eyes surface. Then blue pigment layer hidden under the melanin will be exposed. After two or three weeks, he will look very natural at the eyes. However, this surgery still exists the risks. If you want to do this, you should prepare a lot of money and do the eye exam to see whether you are suitable to do this.
  • ejg29


    Surgery can change the color of eyes, but it is very risky and impractical. In addition, it is not approved in many cities. I think it is unadvisable to change color of eyes through surgery. You can wear color contact lenses to change the color of your eyes, and can change your style of makeup. In a word, you had better not to change your color of eyes through some risky ways.
  • chocolate_cute


    There are many reasons for desiring a change in the eye color. And surgery is one of the methods to change the colour of eyes. There are also several methods for you to change the colour of your eyes. I hope it can help you to realize your desire. The first way to change the colour of your eyes is to change the iris colour because the iris color is described as eye color as the layer before the iris is transparent and the outer sclera is out of consideration as it is white and opaque. The second way to change it is to wear contact lenses to conceal the natural colour of your eyes. However this is just for fun or excitement temporarily. The third way to change it is to take a laser surgery which can change the colour of eyes under a 20-seconds procedure. Of course, there are many other ways to change the colour of your eyes besides these. If you wanna change the colour of eyes, there will be different choices for you to choose.

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