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Are Mango Sunglasses are reliable in terms of UVA protection

Someone please inform me if the Mango Sunglasses are reliable in terms of UVA protection, some models are very cute but I have not bought by trust no protection.?I tend to be very careful with sunglasses .Thanks
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  • 04/14/2012

    Yes, in fact, when wearing them for a while, you feel dizzy.?I do not know if the Decathlon are harmful or not, I think if they are not a shop in sight.?
  • classynottrashy


    Dear friend, it is easy to know whether the sunglasses have UV protection or not. You can just check if there is character of UV on the instruction or labels or ask the sellers directly. But as I know that the Mango Sunglasses are reliable in terms of UVA protection. So you can have a try.
  • cazzeh


    I have found this on the internet. You can have a look at this website. The prices of the sunglasses are more expensive than sunglasses sold by Firmoo. And there is no online customer service on this mango sunglasses online store. So I can't ask their stuff whether their sunglasses are UVA protection or not. But I know that the sunglasses sold by Firmoo are UVA protection. So I think mango sunglasses are UVA protection because they are more expensive.
  • Robert ja


    I have never placed an order from mango sunglasses. So I don't know the quality of their sunglasses. But I have found this online eyeglasses store for you. The sunglasses sold by this online store are much cheaper. But I still don't know whether they can provide your UVA protection or not. But I think you can have a try because they are really very cheap. Or you can buy sunglasses of the similar style in other kinds of stores that can provide you UVA protection. Hope this helped!