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Jerry H.


What are the bad effects of poor peripheral vision?

The doctor told me that i have poor peripheral vision, and I want to know what are the bad effects of poor peripheral vision?
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  • aaron


    If you have poor peripheral vision, you can't see things under or above your central vision. If you can't see things in all direction except your central vision, you are having tunnel vision. Apart from that, you may have other symptoms, such as Glare or halos around lights, Increased sensitivity to light, Poor nighttime vision, Red, sore eyes, Seeing floating objects or flashing lights in your vision, Swelling of one or both eyes.
  • Cathy


    People with healthy eyes have two parts of vision: central vision and peripheral vision which are independent to each other. If a person has difficulty in seeing dim light or navigating while walking, he or she probably has a problem in peripheral vision. People with poor peripheral vision may be unable to see properly around the edges. When people are playing certain sports such as football and basketball, they may not cooperate with the team players very well because they don't have an overall view.
  • b3autiful_s0ul


    Poor peripheral vision can affect many aspects of our daily lives such as driving. If people have poor peripheral vision, they may find difficult detecting small motion at the edge of their sight, especially in the dim light or at night.

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