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What causes after images in eyes?

Guys,what causes after images in my eyes,do u know anything about this?
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  • walkentall


    It is so strange. You must be too tiered that you can see some images in the eyes. If so, taking a good rest can help you release from it. Besides, eye floaters may also cause images in the eyes. But eye floaters often occurs to people with vision problems and older people. Luckily, eye floaters are harmless thought they are boring sometimes.
  • Falcon


    Calm down,man.This is really no big deal.It will be very possible that u may lack vitamin a.If I were u,I even didn't think that I need to go to see an eye doctor.What u need to do is to try to take in enough vitamin A.U can choose to take in that from fresh vegetables or fruits and everything else will be good for u.Do not let ur tense mood control u.By the way,u should also try to give ur eyes good rest.

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