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Can stroke cause eye twitching?

Is it possible to make eye to twitch because of stroke? If so, how can i stop it?
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  • Jordan Brown


    Yes, it is possible for you to lead the eye twitches because of stroke. As we know, the throat, nose and eye nerves are interlinked. Once you get the stroke, you may affect the eyes health. Your immune system will cause the eyes infection which directly causes the twitching symptom. You could use the eye drops to release the eyes. You could use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • griffin


    Well, yes, it is possible to have twitching eyes after you have suffered stroke. So you need to pay more attention to your eyes. Generally speaking, when you have stroke, it will just increase the eye pressure, and then make the eye muscle become nervous. In that way, your eyes will be twitching. At this moment, you need to have some cold compresses to treat it. And also, some eye drops can be effective. By the way, stroke may lead to black eyes too. So just be careful about it.

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