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Can an eye exam detect eye strain?

It is said that an eye exam can detect your eye strain, is that true?
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  • Luke oliver


    If you got eye strain, you can feel yourself and didn't need an doctor tell after an eye exam. Besides, eye strain is temporarily tired in the eyes because of long time working or reading something. And the strained eyes can recover after a rest. And eye exam is usually for evaluating your eyes for glasses and contacts, also check if your eyes suffered from some diseases or other problems that lead to vision loss. For example, eye exam can detect refractive error, strabismus, focusing problems, eye diseases etc.
  • Zoe


    Absolutely right!First of all,u need to know that eye strain usually happens in both eyes.That is why u always feel too tired when u get eye strain.I bet u must want to close ur eyes very much whenever u get eye strain,right?It will be okay if u just get eye strain once in a while.However,if u get it too often,then this is not good.I think u need to go to see an eye doctor.In most cases,eye strain is caused by computer.As u also know,nowadays a lot of people prefer to sit in front of computers for a long time.And people no longer like to work out outdoors.Go to have an eye exam and find the exact reasons.Everything will be better and better.