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Nathan harris


Why does my vision pulsate?

It is very scary that my vision usually pulsates these days, why? What causes that?
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  • george


    I never heard about this eye problems. I just make a search online, and i found some people who wearing contact lenses may suffered from this problems. That because their contact lenses dried out that cause them feel vision pulsate. And this often happens in the end of the day. Sometimes, the contacts even come off and cause blurred vision for users.
  • aaron


    Okay,according to your description. Your situation seems to be caused by pressure and stress. I guess you may be suffering much stress these days or you may be too tired these days. As to me, my vision usually pulsates when I feel too tired. Don't be freaking out,guy. It is no big deal and everything will be fine. In terms of this, I have a way to help you out. Try to give yourself a cool compress. It is said to be a very useful way. I tried this lots of times and it really worked.

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