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Can photophobia be cured?

Is photophobia a permanent problem? Can photophobia be cured quickly?
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  • Charles Joseph


    As a matter of fact, photophobia is also named as light sensitivity. It is a common eye problem that makes the people feel eye discomfort in bright light, such as sunlight, fluorescent light and incandescent light. Some people may misunderstand photophobia as a morbid fear or phobia. In fact, this ocular problem is just an experience of uncomfortable light exposure. And i'm glad to tell you that it can be cured certainly.
  • Connor


    The inflammations, such as keratitis, conjunctivitis, corneal foreign body, etc. can be the most common reasons which can cause photophobia, if you have this eye disease, you should quickly go to hospital and have an examination, after appropriate treatment, your photophobia symptom can be improve. In addition, some people have xerophthalmia, which can make you not have enough tear to moist and more sensitive to the outside stimulus. In this situation, you should use artificial tears under physician's order, this method can improve photophobia situation. Some non inflammatory disease can also cause eye photophobia, such as albinism, the photophobia caused by this kind of disease can not be radical cured. So it should take negative treatments, such as wear sunglasses or hat to keep out the light, and the light indoor can also not be too strong.
  • Adriane


    Too much light entering the eye, overstimulation of the photoreceptors in the retina,excessive electric impulses to the optic nerve and excessive response in the central nervous system are all causes of photophobia. As we all known, photophobia means people who are afraid of light and sensitive to light. Photophobia can be cured by taking 10 mg Lutein and 2 mg Zea xanthin per day to improve visual performance and decrease in light sensitivity in subjects.