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Can getting poked in the eye cause damage?

Is it bad to eyes due to poke in the eyes. What's your opinion?
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  • Dylan duncan


    Old sayings told us that there is no room for half a grain of sand in our eyes, because it makes us feel not comfortable at all. And what's worse, it is very dangerous if a poke in eye. It will poke the cornea sometimes and is also likely to harm or destroy to the eyeball. In daily life, you should be careful for your eyes, they are very fragile.
  • Celina


    Well, there is no doubt that you may get hurt and eye infection if you poke your eyes. However, it does not always damage eyes. That is, you poked your eyes by accident, but not so severe. It's okay after taking a rest and dropping some basic eye drops to reduce pain and kill bacteria. While you got seriously poked, you may get eye problems indeed. When your eyes get injury, first thing you must consider is avoiding being infected ant more. Injured eyes are easy to get further infection in that bacteria and germs can follow. Also, poke can hurt the blood vessels in eyes so that bloodshot may occur, i.e, pink eye and red eye are accompanied.
  • Erin


    Yes, it is possible to cause damages to your eyes. But it depends on the seriousness of the condition. Just check your eyes with the in the mirror. If your eyes appear red and your feel pain, you'd better receive a prompt treatment. Because the red and pain eyes may result of a broken vessel located between the sclera and conjunctiva when you got poked in the eyes. If your eyes still look as usually and you not feel pain, it is a good sign that your eyes may not damaged.
  • Christopher giles


    Yes, it is really bad for your eyes due to poke in the eyes. The poke in the eyes will cause the damage of the cornea which will cause the infection of your eyes. Your eyes vision will affected to some degree. You should not poke your eyes. If you have done, you could use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.

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