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Can double vision correct itself?

I got double vision and i don't know why. Anyway, how can i treat it? Can double vision correct itself?
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  • Juan


    Diplopia has various causes, for instance, migraine, alcohol, glaucoma, brain tumor. Actually, double vision cannot correct by itself. On the contrary, it always depends on doing eye exercises, wearing an eye patch on alternative eyes, prism correction, and surgery or botulinum toxin. However, surgery or botulinum toxin are just fit for severe condition. In addition, medical therapy also helps with double vision. But if you just take double vision for a while. Take easy that you may just be tired and fatigue. Have a good rest is the best thing to do at that time.
  • Aly Chiman


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  • Kelly gary


    There are many things that can cause double vision. In detail, cornea problems, lens problems, muscle problems, nerve problems or brain problems can be the causes of double vision. So, you shall receive prompt treatment if you suffer double vision. And to treat it, you shall know what causes it. If you develop this issue, it is important to visit a healthcare professional immediately. Just have a eye exam first to find the reason of your double vision, Then ask help from a eye specialist. Good luck.
  • lova


    Generally speaking, double vision can be caused by different reasons. First of all, one of the most common reasons for double vision is misalignment of the eyes. Besides,when there are problems with the cornea of one eye, it may lead to double vision and blurred vision. Nerve Problems and head injuries also can cause double vision. Wheather double vision can correct itself depend on the causes. Lead by cornea, double vision can correct itself for months.
  • Christina


    Double vision is annoying and you should take it serous. There are many causes of double vision, such as cornea problem, lens problem, muscle problem and some other sick conditions. So first you need to check out what's the cause of your double vision then seek treatment. In some cases, double vision can be reversed easily. Eye patch and special prism glasses are used to treat double vision. If it is caused by Graves' disease, medications may be needed. Most of the time, double vision is temporary, which means it will correct by itself. Sometimes it is caused by non-eye problem and the problem is a small one. You may just need some rest and a healthier life style. I suggest you to have a examination just in case.