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Adam tuener


Do you have allergic reaction to new glasses?

I got a pair of new eyeglasses. But after worn it for a day, I feel itch around my eyes. And it appear red. I guess i my got allergies to the new glasses. Is this normal? Do you have such experience? Shall i give up my new glasses?
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  • challe


    yes I was allergic to a pair of frames one time. They had some sort of fake type metal coating on them and the doctor told me I could only wear titanium glasses because I was allergic to everything else. So it%u2019s very possible.
  • Chelsey


    Many people have such similar experience. The new glasses may be tight at the whole structure. You should pay attention to the frames of the eye glasses. You may make the nose pad position not that tight. Thus you will find you may feel comfortable when wearing again. You could have a try.
  • William edward


    I have suffered such condition like yours. When I worn a pair of eyeglasses, a feeling of irritation and pain came quickly. Dizziness also followed soon. I took off it as fast as I can, and then hold a consult with my oculist. The answer is the glasses are nonprescription and degree of your eyeglasses is not correct. Give up your new eyeglasses and purchase another one pair under the instruction of an oculist.
  • Faith


    Different materials have been used to make frames. It's common having allergies to eyeglasses frames. Many people are allergic to frames made by nickel. You will feel itch and have skin rash after expose to the frame. If your eyeglasses are made of nickel, I suggest you not using them again. Plastic frames are good alternatives for people have allergies over frames. You can wear the eyeglasses a few more days to see whether the condition will reduce. Normally, the symptom should disappear as you become adjusted. Don’t wait long; if things get worse go back to have it checked. I am sure you have a very nice eye doctor, and they would ask you to return if the problem continues.
  • Victor Lee


    It's normal to have allergic reaction to glasses. If you feel your reaction is very severe, you'd better give up your new glasses. If you have a sensitivity to inexpensive jewelry or certain types of metal, you may need to wear a hypoallergenic frame. Nickel alloy is a common material in eyeglass frames. Even if a frame looks silver or gold, it could contain nickel, a common allergen. Stainless steel and titanium are also popular materials for frames and do not usually cause allergic reactions. However, some titanium frames contain palladium, which may cause skin problems. For allergy sufferers, finding the right frame material often requires trying a few. Plastic frames contain a combination of materials, and it may be difficult to determine the exact composition. Most plastic glasses are made of zyl or propionate but contain other materials, such as nylon, carbon, polycarbonate, optyl and polyamide. Optyl, nylon and propionate frame material are usually safe choices if you are sensitive to plastics. Your eye care provider can help determine the material content of plastic frames and find one that is hypoallergenic.

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