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Savannah taylor


Why do my eyes turn so red when i get high?

I often wonder why my eyes get so red when i'm high? Any idea?
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  • Eliza


    Technically, It won't cause red eyes just because you get high. But there still people believe that exciting can cause the bloods goes through your body and in your brain and eyes, thus cause the thicker veins. That makes your eyes look red. Of course, it maybe caused by other reasons. Are you drinking? Someone people may get red eyes and faces after drinking.
  • Jacqueline warren


    Because you are so excited at the mood, your eyes may get red. That's why your eyes get red. However, you should pay attention to it. Sometimes the red eyes may indicate that your eyes may get infected through the bacterium. You'd better have a check on your eyes, in case of the eye disease.
  • Jordan owen


    Well, generally speaking, it is very normal to have this kind of symptom. As we know that when you are high, your emotion is also high. So it will irritate the nerve system and even make the blood pressure higher. In this way, the blood will flow to the eyes and make the bloodshot to eyes. At that moment, you will find your eyes become red. It is just one kind of condition, so do not too worry about it. But I have to remind you that if you are a person who has high blood pressure, you are not supposed to be high, for this can lead to be dangerous for you. Anyway, just be careful.
  • Kimberly


    Because when you get high, your eyes will face the air pressure directly. In other words, your eyes will experience the feeling of strong pressure. When this happens, your eyes will get stimulation and then they will turn red. When you are high, you can close your eyes to have a break and do massage for your eyes. Please remember don’t rub your eyes roughly because that will do harm to your eyes