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Is reading books on iphone in the dark bad for my eyes?

Every night, I will read books with my iphone in dark before I fall asleep. Is it bad for my eyes?
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  • cupidityx


    Yes, reading books on iphone in the dark is a bad habit which may hurt your eyes.As we know, the surface light of iphone is so bright. With the comparison of darkness, the strong light from iphone may hurt our eyes by stimulating the eyes. What's more, you look so near at the iphone which may intense the eye muscles at the same time. If you like to do it, you should turn the luminance of the screen to the small ones which may let your eyes feel a little comfort.
  • Megan W


    Yes, indeed, perhaps there is no other thing that could cause greater damage to our eyes except reading E-books on iphone in the dark. Well, I gotta say, you should give up this abuse, for it will greatly affect your vision. Why not read book in soft light and in a comfortable room? Anyhow, it is bad for you to do so.
  • Christopher dale


    Yes, it's bad for your eyes to read books on iphone in the dark places. Generally speaking, it won't really affect your eye sight but it’s still bad for you, because you focus more with your eyes which will put stress on them. It's mostly genes that affect your eye sight. Reading at night with the low brightness is just a small percentage of what affects your eyes. The main reason people say you shouldn't do that, is that your eyes will hurt, and you'd get a headache and the focus you put into it, will weaken the elastics in your eyes. And you will make it harder to focus in the future. Anyway, Reading from any screen is bad for you, especially in the dark. It’s always best to read in a well lit room.

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