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Mya harris


Where is best place to buy cheap prescription glasses in las vegas?

I want to buy some cheap rx glasses. And i am right now in Las Vegas. Where can i find good place to get them? Any suggestion?
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  • chicomm


    There are several eyeglasses shop you can go such as Larry L Davis Od, Avista Eye Ctr and Jcpenney Optical&Us Vision etc. You can go any eyeglasses shop nearby you. Or, if you have no idea, you can go Walmart Vision Center (Las Vegas, NV 89122-6002). You know, the prescription eyeglasses in Walmart Vision are affordable. Hope this help you.
  • b3autiful_s0ul


    The price of eyeglasses in Las Vegas is really expensive that only rich men can own the ones with good quality. However, you can buy the pair of eyeglasses online which will not only help you save a lot of money but also offer you the good quality that is durable. The Walmart is such a good place for you. You can take this into consideration.
  • walkingwounde_d


    As a matter of fact, Las Vegas is such a large city in the US that it naturally has got a lot of good glasses stores in it, you know? I don't know if you are new here. Actually, glasses stores can be easily found in the communities , in the shopping centers, in the financial business streets, they are everywhere. But, you want to find a good place, so you have to be careful. Because different shops provide different services and glasses. Typically, there will be many stores gathering in shopping centers , where their competition is intensive so they have to sell glasses of good quality, just go there and you'll get what you seek.

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