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Danielle may


How to choose a good pair of fashion sunglasses?

The summer is coming and I need sunglasses to protect my eyes. How to choose a good pair of fashion sunglasses? What should I know for a good pair of sunglasses?
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  • Victor


    Choose fashion sunglasses to keep the trend of fashion, you shall view the latest fashion trends from some fashion show or observe what style of sunglasses some famous fashion icons wear in this years. Then you can follow their style to choose sunglasses. Besides, you must choose sunglasses that fit for you. Although fashion is an important factor, suit is also the best thing you must care about. So, when you pick up sunglasses, you shall consider your face shape and personality.
  • b3autifulxlies


    To choose a good pair of fashion sunglasses, you should consider the material, style, color and how you look on them. The material used in your sunglass lenses will determine their clarity, weight, durability and cost. Polycarbonate lens is good if you want Excellent impact-resistance and lightweight sunglasses. The lens color will have effect on how much visible light reaches your eyes, how well you see other colors, and how well you see contrasts. Just choose what you like by trying on them.
  • Eliza


    Sunglasses now are part of fashion accessories. Most of them are made in fashion style. But a good pair of fashion sunglasses shall provide good UV protection and reduce strong light when expose to sun, thus to help eyes against cataracts and age-related macular degeneration caused by intensive sunshine. Besides, A good pair of fashion sunglasses can also be fitted with prescription lenses so as to help people who need vision aids.
  • constans


    First of all, a good pair of sunglasses should offer 100% UV protection. Then you should consider what kind of lens you need. Choose the right color tint. The lens of your sunglasses should be impact resistant and you'd better choose polarized lens which can help reduce the glare. Finally, choose the style that can suit you best. What kind of sunglasses are suitable for you depending on your personalities, your face shape and skin color. Just try them on to find the best one.