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Should I get a prescription for anti glare glasses for computer?

I don't have a eye doctor and I work on the computer a lot and was considering anti glare computer glasses. Should I get a prescription for that?
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  • Gillian


    Sure, you can try a pair of anti-glare glasses so as to help your eyes. In fact, to protect the eyes from computer vision syndrome, wearing special computer glasses are necessary. With it, they can prevent reflective light and soften the harsh lights from computer screen thus to protect the eyes and reduce eye strain and eye tired. IF you have poor vision, you shall visit a eye doctor to take eye exam, thus to get prescription for computer glasses. If you have good vision, a pair of plano computer glasses will help.
  • walksonfloors


    Whether you need prescription for anti glare glasses or not is depend on your eye sight. If you have perfect eye sight, you needn't vision aids, of course, you needn't prescription for anti glare glasses for computer. If you have poor vision and need vision correction, you shall get your prescription from eye doctor so as to buy prescription computer glasses to meet your vision requirements.
  • Elijah leslie


    If your eyesight is not good and need prescription glasses to help you see computer screen clearly, you can get prescription glasses with anti glare coating on the lenses reduce the glare from the screen. However, if you do work on the computer a lot, you may still get the symptoms of CVS even if you wear prescription and anti glare glasses. I would recommend you to get a pair of prescription computer glasses which are specially made for computer use.
  • cheergirl024


    You should. Actually, I would suggest you get an eye doctor immediately. Computer vision, unlike anything else, has a particular required focal length which differs from both reading focal points and distance vision focal points. For a person who has already the need to put on corrective eyewear to see clearly, prescription is definitely needed for computer glasses. Anti-glare is good since it reduces the bad effects those glare from your computer can cause to your eyes. But, do remember to get your glasses prescribed before you go to the store.