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Where to buy glasses like meryl streep's ?

Do you know what type of eyeglasses meryl streep wear? Where can i find such eyeglasses?
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  • cherrygaru


    Ok, I can see that there are a lot of meryl streep fans in the world, because she is supposed to be one of the greatest movie stars in America. Anyway, as you can see, sometimes she would like to wear eyewears to have better vision and her type of glasses is called nerd glasses of thin frames. Those glasses are widely seen in the world and you could find them at nearly every optical stores, or you should take a look at Lenscrafters.
  • Jason warren


    It is the face- flattering, rimless and black-sided eyeglasses that meryl streep wears. Some people say that the eyeglasses belong to the brand of Prada. You could go to the online stores to have a search. You could also go to the near real stores of eyeglasses to buy this one. Actually the price in the online store will be cheaper a lot.