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Gabriella rupert


How to make homemade eye wash?

Is there anyone who can make eye wash? Can you teach me how to make homemade eye wash?
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  • Kelsey McNew


    Well, according to your description, I can see that you care a lot about your eye health, it is really good for you. So, as far as I know, you could make homemade eye wash in this way. First get a lot of clean water and then get a slight amount of salt, then mix two of them in 2:98 proportion. Then you have got cheap homemade eye wash, which could thoroughly wash your eyes and keep them healthy.
  • Elijah walker


    As we all know, homemade eye wash can be used to relieve our tired eyes from pink eyes and other irritated eyes. However, whether the homemade eye wash works will depend on whether you do it right and properly. Here are some suggestions for you to finish the eye wash. Hope it can help you. As usual, there are two kinds of material that can help us to finish the homemade eye wash---water and green tea. The most basic is a simple mixture of salt and water, and you can boil a cup of water with some salt, then you can use the mixture to wash your eyes, meanwhile, if you notice your eyes are weak and tired, then you can use to Boric acid to release the problem. Pls use this way several times a day for the best benefit. Besides, you can also use the green tea, which is used to mix with water. Do remember make the resolvent using two parts of green tea and one part of water. You know green tea can help us with the itchy eyes. While washing your eyes, pls be careful and do not hurt your eyes.