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Jessica Stevenson


Does gender affect eye color?

I am told that gender can cause your eye color to change, is it true? Why does this happen?
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  • warren


    No, as far as i know, genetics are blame to the color of eyes, also the hair. And gender does not affect the eye color. As we know that the color of our eyes are decided by genes. Or we can say that eye color can be inherited. The eye color of your parents have decided your eyes color. But gender is something that related to chromosomes.
  • eddy


    What an interesting question! Don' you know that your eye color can only be affected by genetics? Instead of making your eyes to change color, gender may help your eyes to look brighter or bigger. It is good for your eyes, this is what I can assure of you. But I once heard that gender can affect clover vision. Well, I am not sure if what I heard is true, but I was told that males have a higher chance of color blindness.