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Does eye color affect alcohol tolerance?

Do people have different eye colors have different alcohol tolerance? Is this true?
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  • Josh


    It is said that people with light eye color can have high alcohol tolerance. I am not that sure but I think it may make sense, lol. Besides, people also say that blue eyes people can have a very high alcohol tolerance. By the way, mine is brown. I still remember that there once was such an interesting experiment which proved that among all the people dark eyes have the lowest alcohol tolerance while brown eyes are in the middle, naturally, light eye colored people have the highest alcohol tolerance. I think it is because that light eye colored people may be not as sensitive to the alcohol as other people.
  • Pete


    It has been proved that people with light skin, light hair color and light eye color can have a rather high alcohol tolerance. Some experts say that it may have something to do with the amount of melanin insulating neurons which locates in the middle nervous system. According to those results, I think eye color can actually predict the alcohol tolerance.

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