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What causes rainbow vision?

It is very interesting that sometimes I have rainbow vision, is it a sign that I have eye problems? What do I need to do?
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  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    I make a deep search online. And i find that rainbow vision are distorted with and arc shaped sliver vision. And this is a abnormal vision. Some people think they are suffered from oculra migraine. And Migraine aura can cause temporary visual sensory disturbances accompany with head pain, nausea and sensitivity to light and sound etc. But i am not sure if rainbow vision are really caused by oculra migraine.
  • Arianna walker


    I guess your symptom may be caused by migraines. I admit that this can bother people a lot but it is not that serious as you may imagine. Can you tell me what other symptoms stay along with you besides getting rainbow vision? Do you have a headache? Although it is not that serious, I still don' t think it is a good thing to let that happen too often.