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What can i do to avoid my swimming goggles from fogging up?

Why my swimming goggles fog up more frequently? I remembered when it was new, it never fog up.How can I do to avoid it from fogging up?
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  • waldron143


    1. Dip your goggles into the water and leave them submerged for about 15 seconds before immediately placing them on your face. 2. Spit into your goggles. 3. Clean goggles with store-bought cleaning solutions like Formula 409 or fairy liquid 4.Use an anti-fog spray 5.Place a drop of water--about the amount of one eyedrop--into each lens, and do not empty it. 6. Invest in a good pair of goggles. "
  • Samuel hill


    You can use an anti-fog spray or serum from goggle producers like Speedo or TYR. These are among the few goggle makers that create an anti-fog solution for goggles. Or spit into your goggles. By spitting or licking the inside lens of your goggles, you will create a barrier that prevents condensation. This is usually a temporary solution but is widely used.