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What are cute not nerdy looking eye glasses for a teen?

I need something cute, and not too nerdy looking.It will be better if you can provide piture.
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  • Alexandria taylor


    You can check your local optical stores that sells them to you. You can just go to pearle vision, lenscrafters, or the glasses stores in walmart and look around at their displays. They usually have some cute but not nerdy eyeglasses. What's more, you can search them online with the key words, cute glasses. Then you will find there are many online store that have the glasses you wanted.
  • Jessica


    I often see some girls wearing glasses with a pink bow on the top edge,I think they are really cute.
  • Bridget C


    If you don't like the nerd style and prefer the cute style, you could choose the round lenses eyeglasses with the bright color. The round shape of the frames will make you look sweat. Usually the bright color, like the yellow, red and other colors will make you look cute. You could just go to the online stores to have a search.
  • vincent


    .It will be better if you can provide picture Eyeglasses for teens can't be so nerdy as those for adults, many of them being cute and adorable. Wearing cute eyeglasses is the pursuit of so many teens and I have to say you have made a wonderful decision. Well, speaking of cute eyeglasses styles for teens like you, what deserves the most recommendable is the small round style in different colors. Here I advocate the white small eyeglasses for you for the reason that this type is in the present the hottest one among teen wearers. And I can assure you of the fact that small round white eyeglasses will bring you a total refreshed image, cute, funny and cool. At last,I will provide you a Url with a picture of it so that you can have an exact idea of how it looks.