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Alexander david


Is there a store that sells custom made eye glasses frames?

I have a very high prescription and need glasses which are smaller in width, but I hardly find glasses fitting my width. If anyone knows of a company that can make glasses to your width specifications would be such a help!
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  • b1ggy_13


    Apart from the drug store or a dollar store, most of the optical stores which have optometrists and labs always can make custom eye glasses. You can go there and the optometrist will give you an exam and measure your size, then they will make glasses according to your prescription and size. Or you can order them online as long as you provide your prescription and size. However, I think you'd better buy the frames together with lenses because putting your original lenses into the custom made frames is difficult and that glasses cannot meet your need. Hope helps you.
  • Adam peters


    You need to choose a frame that fits your width first and take it to the optical store with your prescription . They will make the glasses to your require.