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Isabel fergus


Where should I go for inexpensive eyeglasses?

I recently saw an ad saying you can get a free eye exam and two pairs of glasses only for $70. This just sounds too cheap to be true.Also I am wondering if the lenses are included with the frames. I was also thinking about going to a Wal-Mart Vision Center but I'm not sure of the costs.
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  • Anna


    I think the free eye exam is true . Most companies would promote their products by offering free eye exam to attract customers . They can also provide the lenses and frames at the same time . But generally the lenses are poor in quality and easy to get scratched .I will suggest you go to Walmart .Wal-Mart will probably give you a good pair of frames and lenses that have Anti-reflective coatings and scratch coatings for under $100. The lenses will be much better quality and you will have a warranty.
  • elstrider


    If I were you,I would choose the $70 for two pairs with free eye exam.You know,an eye exam would cost much,usually more than $70.I would believe it is true.It is usually a promotion means of sellers.
  • Zoe Wang


    If you wanna to try inexpensive eyeglasses, you may try online shopping. As I know, you just spend a fraction of money to buy a pair compared with the eyeglasses in local eyeglasses store.
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