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Can I replace the glasses lens into my goggles?

I recently got a large pair of victorian goggles, and i'm near-sighted, so I'm wondering if I can get the prescription lenses fitted into the goggles themselves.Is it plausible and if possible ,how much it can cost?
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  • John clark


    In theory, you can do it at any optical store. However, It really depends on your prescription power and the size of goggles. In fact, it is difficult to replace the lens into your original glasses rames because the glasses which have replaced the lenses usually can't fit your properly or the lens can't match thr frame properly. If you do need to replace the glasses lenses into your goggles, you have to take it to an optical place and let them actually see it.
  • Angela green


    Have you heard about the prescription goggles? They are made based on your prescription to correct your vision. So it is possible to put prescription lenses in your goggles.Take it to your nearby optical store with your prescription and see if they can do it for you.