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Are there contact lenses for reading?

I am wondering if there are reading contact lenses that can help me see near objects?
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  • confused_withac


    Yes there are contacts lenses for reading. There are two types of contact lenses designed to for presbyopia: varifocal contact lenses and monovision contact lenses. If you have naturally moist eyes or visual acuity in eyes, varifocal contact lenses may be a good way for you to correct your presbyopia. They make you able to focus both eyes simultaneously and no disease in your eyelids. If you use one eye for distance vision and the other eye for near vision, you may have monovision contact lenses better. So, you should clear what kind of presbyopia you have. If you didn't have prescriptions before, you may find it difficult to adapt to the contact, and you need learn how to wear and adapt them first.
  • Caleb murphy


    Yes, contact lenses have the same function of eyeglasses. If you need vision aids, you can also buy contact lenses with prescription. So, you can easy to buy contact lenses for reading that help you see near objects as long as you know your prescription. If don't know your prescription, you can take eye eye exam and get it for a pair of prescribed contact lenses for reading.
  • Mackenzie rose


    Yes, of course. It's no surprise that many old people prefer contact lenses over glasses for their active lifestyles. Once reach the mid-40s, presbyopia makes it difficult to focus on near objects. reading glasses is not the only option any more for people who want to read a menu or newspaper that require good vision. A number of contact lens options are available for you to consider. I don't know how old you are but it affects most people over 45 who wear glasses as a shock. I would like to inform you not forget to take them out at bedtime when you wear lenses. Just as simple as cleaning your teeth.

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