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Makayla raphael


Are plano contact lenses dangerous?

I want to wear plano contact lenses? I wonder whether they are safe or not?
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  • Brooke peters


    Plano contact lenses are similar with normal contact lenses in the shape. I guess if your eye vision is good but still want to wear contacts, which means that you want to wear colored contacts for look, right? If so, I suggest you do not wear the tinted lenses for a long time a day. And buy contacts with high quality. Or they will make you suffer from some eye diseases. Because if you wear contact lenses unqualified, they may lead to eye problems like dry eye syndrome, cornea anoxia, visual field become narrower, and so on.
  • Celina


    No, it wouldn't. There are many types of contact lenses, which can be divided into two main categories that are corrective and non-corrective contact lenses. The non-corrective category mainly includes Halloween contact lenses, cosmetic contact lenses and theatre contact lenses. And the plano contact lenses are the cosmetic contact lenses. As the other contact lenses, they are directly worn on the face of the eye. However, they are only decorating your eyes instead of correcting your eye vision. The contact lenses not only bring convenience but also risk to people. Hence, you should take care of the plano contact lenses carefully as others. You had better not to wear this kind of contact lenses frequently, and take them off every day and put them into the right case with solution.

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