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Benjamin gary


What is the best type of glasses for high prescription?

I am a middle school student with high prescription. Do you guys know that what type of glasses suit my high prescription best? I really need some advice.
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  • Caleb may


    Well, people with high prescription can be kind of annoying to wear eyeglasses. And sometimes, it can just have burdens for their daily life. At this moment, I will suggest you use high Index lens which can just be perfect for people with high prescription. And in common, making eyeglasses for high prescription requires special skills and materials. The frame must fit exactly to eye size and facial measurements. And also, you need to know that the frames must also have small lens sizes to accommodate the high prescriptions. By the way, with small lens size, thickness of the lens can be greatly reduced. Anyway, by using high index lens materials, it can just help reduce the thickness of the lenses. So you can have a try.
  • Victor Lee


    Most eyeglass wearers are nearsighted, which requires corrective lenses that are thin in the center but thicker at the edge of the lens. The stronger the prescription, the thicker the edges (see lens drawings below).

    Most of today's fashionable frames are made of plastic or metal with rims thinner than the lens itself. Also, popular rimless mountings mean that the edges of the lenses are completely exposed. In either case, the lens edges are highly visible, and thicker edges can detract from the appearance of your eyewear.
    High-index eyeglass lenses are the right choice if you want thinner, lighter lenses and eyeglasses that are as attractive and comfortable as possible.

    Thinner, lighter high-index lenses are especially recommended if you have a strong eyeglass prescription for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

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