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Why do i have a blind spot in my eye?

Why I have got a blind spot these days? Am I going blind? What should I do now? I am so scared! Please help me.
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  • Nat


    Maybe it is not a blind spot. A blind spot is also called scotoma. People with a blind spot means s/he has an area on the retinal that have no receptors to respond to light. And I read online that everyone has a natural blind spot or physiological blind spot in their vision. And you suffer a blind sport in these days may caused by other factors such as tiredness or migraine etc. You’d netter have your eye checked by a doctor.
  • Jonathan


    According to what you described, you may get a migraine. Personally, I think it may have something to do with your blood pressure. You may don' t know, high blood pressure can usually cause this symptom. But we also can' t exclude other factors. I think the most effective way for you is to go to a good eye doctor to have your eyes checked carefully. You will absolutely not go blind, please don' t worry too much.