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Nicholas carter


Does lenscrafters sell colored contacts?

Do you know if Lenscrafters provides colored contact lenses? Are they expensive?
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  • Andri


    Yes they do provide colored contact lenses. Actually,t hey provide disposable contact lenses, toric contact lenses, or ordering your prescription contact lenses online as well. It's very convenient to purchase online, and they are inexpensive. Besides the convenience of shopping online,they also offer a broad range of contact lens brands and styles including: Acuvue, FreshLook, PureVision, Biomedics, Air Optix and more. With more than 900 locations, finding a store near you that has your favorite brand of contacts is easy. Find A Store Near You.
  • Janice


    It seems that you are not quite familiar with lenscrafters, as a matter of fact, they are one of the largest optical products retailer and wholesaler in the world. Since they have got a wide range of products, ranging from reading glasses to solution cases. Anyway, their prices for colored contact lenses are quite acceptable, but the prices are based on the types and quality, as well as brands.
  • Alexander david


    Yes, lenscrafters provide the colored contact lenses. The common colored contact lenses is about $30 at average. If you want to buy one colored contact lenses to make your eyes look charming and beautiful, you could go to the lenscrafters to have a look. You could base on your hobby and favor to choose one to match with your whole look.

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