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Is it bad to get eyelash extensions?

Is it bad to use eyelash extension? But i think that eyelash extension can make me look more beautiful. What's your opinion?
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  • Sue


    Well, of course, eyelash extension can make your eyes become beautiful. But on the other hand, you also should know that eye lash extension is very bad for your eyes. In many cases, if you overuse them and do not apply them in a right way, it can lead to some serious eye diseases, such as the eye infection and pink eyes. Generally speaking, when you want to use them, you have to put eyelash extensions directly to the natural eyelash with a bonding agent. In that way, the bonding agents and glues, which are made of chemicals, can be irritants and cause discomfort and potential eye damage in severe cases. According to some doctors, it may lead to Traction Alopecia. It is kind of dangerous. Also, pink eyes, dry eyes can occur too. So anyway, you should pay more attention to it.
  • Eric quick


    Well, it seems that you like to apply eyelash extensions for cosmetic purpose.So as a matter of fact, despite that they would make your eyes appear to be more attractive in the first place, however,there are always some side effects, if not properly handled. One common side effect is infections and pink eyes, because those extensions are made up of chemicals and are irritated to your tender eyes, and they are sometimes quite dirty. My advice is use less of them and try to clean them frequently.
  • Alexander david


    Although the eyelash extensions may make you look beautiful by making the eyes look charming through the extension eyelashes, it will be bad for your eye vision. It may let your eyes get infection and inflammation. You'd better not use it. Or else, your eyes will be painful because of the infection and inflammation.

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