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What are effects of swimming pool chlorine on eyes?

Is it OK if i go to swim with naked eyes. Will the swimming pool chlorine hurt my eyes? Any explanation?
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  • Brandon cook


    Well, it seems that you concern a lot about your eyes. So, of course a lot of people like to swim in summer. However, many of them are not aware of the damage generated by chlorine in the swimming pool which was used to clean the pool. Because the chlorine is sometimes of poor quality, mixed with other toxic substance, thus, it could make you have pink eyes, also, it would do harm to your skin and hair.


    You had better no go to swim with naked eyes, because you may suffer from some eye problems. The swimming pool chlorine belongs to a chemical substance. If your eyes are exposed to it, you may get pink eyes. Also, there are some substance in the pool from bodies, like fats and oil, all of which can result into eye irritation. You need to wear a pair of goggles when you swim.
  • Jordan


    It is not OK for you to go swimming with naked eyes. The swimming pool chlorine will hurt your eyes which may contain a lot of invisible bacterium. Your eyes may easily get infection and inflammation. You should better wear the goggle to swim. After the swimming, you could wash the eyes clearly with clean water and the clean cloth to dry the eyes.