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How to treat bloodshot eyes after eyelash extensions?

After using eyelash extension, i got bloodshot eyes. Is it normal? Or how can i treat it?
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  • easilymused


    Well, I have to say that it occurs to many people who have used eyelash extension. For eyelash extension are applied directly in your real eyelash with the some chemical. And they are made of chemical, so they can be the irritants to your eyes. If you use the eyelash extension for a long time, it can lead to some eye infection, even the pink eyes. So your eyes will be red and bloodshot. To treat your eyes, you have to stop using the eyelash extension. Also, just clean your eyes with pure water carefully. Also, using some cold ice with the compresses will be effective too. and then some eye drops are essential.
  • Katelyn


    After you use the eyelash extension and get the bloodshot eyes, it means that you get the infection and your eye skin is so sensitive. You could use the warm compress to release the eyes. In addition, you could use the eye drops to let the bacterium out of the eyes which could release the eyes.

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