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Can I use my Reading Glasses Over Contacts?

I am nearsighted and have presbyopia at the same time. So I need glasses to see both near and far. But i don't want bifocal glasses. Can I use my Reading Glasses Over Contacts?
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  • Dip


    No. You shouldn't wear your reading glasses over contacts, otherwise they will make things blurry. Even though they won't do harm to your eyes, they will give you unclear vision. However, the optician or optometrist can give you the best advice if you go to consult he or she.
  • Eliza


    Yes. You can wear reading glasses over your contacts, which can help you deal with your presbyopia. Go to see an eye doctor and have an eye exam first. Some eye doctors can make or sell ready-made reading glasses that are worn over the contacts.
  • Sara scott


    You'd better not. Wearing reading glasses over contacts won't help you see clealy. It'll make matters worse. It will make you see blurry things. Sometimes you may get headaches if you do like that. If you don't want to wear bifocal glasses, you can choose multifocal contact lenses. Or you can wear monovision contact lenses with one for distant, the other for near.
  • Janice


    It is quite feasible and is used often, and is the most straightforward way of getting the best vision out of distance contact lenses and reading. But you should get reading glasses from optical store based on your prescription, not over the counter reading glasses.
  • Victor Lee


    Contacts don't have the function of radiation protection. So, wearing an anti-radiation glasses is ok.