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What style of glasses are vintage glasses?

I need some vintage glasses for my movie, but I have no idea what style of glasses are vintage glasses. Can you give me some examples?
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  • emily_xoox


    One of the vintage glasses is the Ray-Ban Wayfarer which is considered as one of the oldest styles of sunglasses. You can get Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses with a variety of colors and lens available. Another one is the Ray-Ban Aviator glasses which are popular for their large, circular lenses and thin frames.
  • cazzeh


    Teashades, or John Lennon sunglasses are considered as vintage glasses. They have large, circular lenses and thin wire frame. During the 1960s, many hippies and musicians followed the trend of this kind of sunglasses. Robot or Devo sunglasses were popular for their unique style in the 1980s. Now they are also one of the vintage glasses.
  • Kyle kirk


    Here are some Recommendation of vintage eyeglasses: round glasses- as typical type of retro glasses, vintage round glasses are vogue and chic, especially John Lennon round glasses. Vintage aviator glasses- As one eternally vintage style, they are still claiming its dominance in the fashion world and considered the most hip item. Vintage cat eye glasses-they are making a huge comeback and reemerge as the hottest wardrobe fashion ornament. Vintage horn rimmed glasses- they have a timeless look and style that compliment your image to a great level. wayfarer glasses-they are back, hotter than ever. Vintage wayfarer glasses will give your fashion taste a full play.