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How big does a frame need to be for progressive lens?

I am going to get a pair of progressive glasses and want to choose the frame online. I have heard that progressive glasses are much bigger than regular ones. How big does a frame need to be for progressive lens?
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    Different types of progressive glasses may require different sizes. For some types of progressive glasses, the minimum height of frame 28mm is required. Some others may require the the minimum height to be 26mm. For old people, the height of the progressive glasses frames would not be lower than 36mm.
  • Paige evelyn


    For all powers of progressive lenses to fit within a pair of eyeglasses, frames in the past had to be relatively large. If the frame was too small, the reading portion of the lens would sometimes end up uncomfortably small after the lens was cut to size and inserted in the frame. But lens manufacturers have overcome this problem by introducing "short corridor" progressive lenses with compact designs that provide larger reading zones for today's smaller, fashionable frames. so you just need to choose the frame as normal size.
  • Gabriella


    Yes. Progressive glasses are often much bigger than regular glasses. So their frames are usually bigger than regular ones, too. For most progressive glasses, the minimum height of their frames should be 25-30mm depending on the brand you choose.
  • chemicalumnesnt


    Progressive lenses have a gradual change in power from the top portion to the bottom portion, which allow you see from distant to near gradually. In order to offer comfort vision, most progressive glasses frames are required to reach the minimum height of lens that is 28mm. So when you go to choose progressive glasses, make sure the height of the frame is at least 28mm.

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