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Which is better, monovision contacts or bifocal contacts?

I am extremely nearsighted and have worn contacts for almost 30 years and now I have some problem in reading. The doctor said I am having presbyopia. So I am considering between monovision contacts and bifocal contacts. Can anyone give some suggestion?
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  • emptyheading


    Monovision contacts only allow you to see distant with one eye and see near with the other eye. But they may not allow you to see clearly at an intermediate distance, such as the computer screen. While bifocal contacts can provide clear vision at all distance in both eyes. Therefore bifocal contacts are better than monovision contacts.
  • cristti


    Different people have different ideas. Some people may find it better to wear monovision contacts, while some other people may like bifocal contacts better. Go to see your doctor who will help you determin which one is better for you.
  • Ana clive


    I think bifocal contacts is more easier to get used to. I've worn bifocal contacts for years and they work for me except for long distant night driving. But some people may find monovision contacts work better on them.