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I got acrylic paint in my eye ! What to do?

What should I do if I got acrylic paint in my eye by accident? Will I go blind if I don' t deal with this in time? Guys, please help me.
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  • Alexia gerard


    It will be very harmful to your eyes if you do not deal with the acrylic paint in your eyes right now. You should first of all use plenty of clean flowing water to wash clean your eyes. The fill a clean wash basin with clean cold water, put your head down into the wash basin and get your eyes emerged with the water. Use your fingers to pull the eyelids open and move your head so as to let the remaining paint get out of the eyes. Use clean towel or facial tissue to wipe clean your fave and eyes. And put on a pair of sunglasses and then go to the doctor's for an examination to see if the condition is still serious. The next few days you should pay attention not to get your eyes irritated by any smell or light. Get adequate rest and sleep.
  • maria calderin


    Well, yes, when you get acrylic paint in your eyes, you need to take some measures immediately, or it will just lead to some damage in your eyes, and sometimes, your eyes will be irritated severely. For your situation, I will suggest you wash your eyes with pure water quickly. And of course, you should make sure what you use is pure, clean and warm water. And in that way, it will be more effective. And just like I have said above, you should let your eye under the water. And that will just wash the paint out of your eyes. finally, it may be fine for your eyes.