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Is it necessary to wear protective eyeglasses when doing my gardening chores?

My husband often wear protective eyeglasses when he's in his workshop, but now he's telling me that I should use it when I'm out working in the yard. Is it really necessary to wear that?
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  • William edward


    A pair of safty glasses would be better for you to use when doing your gardening chores. The broaden blinkers on safety glasses can prevent you from injuries occur in and around home, expecially for gardening.
  • Kimberly quick


    Yes. A pair of safety glasses is necessary while doing your gardening chores because it can prevent some large particles of the branches or shrubs getting into your eyes so that your eyes can avoid getting injured.
  • Erin


    If you can make sure that your eyes won't get injured and the branches won't poke your eyes, there is no need to wear protective eyeglasses.

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