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What is the age limit to wear contacts?

My son is 10 and wants to wear contacts.I wonder if it is too young for him to wear.Is there any age limit for the contact wearer?
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  • Joan


    There is no age limit to wear contacts, even babies can wear them and so can seniors. It is encouraged to begin to wear contact at the age of 11-14 by many eye care professors. If one is responsible enough and are able to care for contact lenses, he/she is a candidate for contacts. You should make the decision together with your son, and his eye doctor.
  • Kelly gary


    Wearing contacts has nothing to do with the age. As long as you are responsible and can take good care of your contact lenses, you can wear contacts then. You can go to your doctor and he will determine whether you are suitable for wearing contacts.
  • Minaxi Patel


    There is no age limit to wear contacts.But for some young children,they may have difficulty in putting them in and getting out.It is necessary to have an eye exam to determine if one is a good candidate to wear contacts.If the doctor approves,then your son can wear contacts.