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Shelby rodney


Why I have severe red and burning eyes after putting in my contacts?

When I take the contacts out,my eyes still feel burning and tearing. I have worn contacts for a long time. Can this be an eye infection?
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  • christian


    It may be because you don't get your right contacts or your contacts has been damaged, like scratching. There is also a possiblity that your eyes are allergy to chemicals in the contact solutions. In this case, you should take out your contact lenses and go to your eye doctor to have a check.
  • tuener


    Redness and burning of the eyes after putting in contacts may be caused by several reasons, the lenses are damaged or fitted to the improper position, allergy to the solutions, swelling of the cornea or an infection of the eye. Take out of your contacts as soon as possible and go to see your eye doctor to check what is the real cause.