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Are metal round glasses suitable for women?

I saw these metal round glasses in a small boutique and they look cool. I just wonder if they are also suitable for women.
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  • Paige


    With the popular of retro vintage eyeglasses, metal round glasses also come back to fashion. Lots of male celebrities have shown us the charming of metal round glasses that make some people misunderstand that those glasses are just for men. In fact, women can also be fashion with metal round framed glasses. Of course, not all women will look good with the eyeglasses, So, just try on and test it out whether metal round glasses suit for you nor not.
  • Kaylee tuener


    round glasses are consider as classic glasses that are one of the most fashionable glasses now. Both men and women try to follow the trend to get round glasses to wear. Metal round glasses do add a chic edge to your look to complete your vintage outfit. Therefore metal round glasses are also suitable for women as long as they look good on you. HGowever, metal round glasses won't work well on a round face. If you can't decide whether you have a round face or not, you can try them on.

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