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Collin Wallace


How do you think about the green tinted sunglasses?

I just found someone wearing green tinted sunglasses. It looks so strange to me. How do you think about these green tinted sunglasses?
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  • Samuel hill


    It is still on type of sunglasses. Some wear green tinted sunglasses for style while some people wear to for purposes. In fact, Green tints can filter some blue light and reduce glare, while offering high contrast and visual sharpness. Shades of green also tend to reduce eyestrain in bright light. So, green tinted sunglasses are good choices for people like sports such as tennis, baseball and golf.
  • eeniemeenie005


    tinted sunglasses can give you comfortable and healthy vision in certain environment. So choose suitable color for sunglasses is very important. Green tinted sunglasses are generally used to reduce eye strain under bright light. They can also provide semi-enhances contrast in low light, though yellow tinted sunglasses make the contrast best. If you plan to be under the extremely bright light, green tinted sunglasses are good for you to prevent you getting headaches that result from light.