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Do ralph lauren sunglasses have uv protection?

I know that ralph lauren sunglasses are very fashion. And i love it. But do ralph lauren sunglasses have uv protection? Does it shield my eyes if i wear ralph lauren sunglasses in intensive sunshine?
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  • crush_star


    Well, as you can see ralph lauren is an American brand which is dedicated to making sunglasses and they are renowned for their great quality and nice design. You should know that the original function and primary function of sunglasses is to protect your eyes against harmful lights. So, nearly all of them have UV protection but if you are going to expose your eyes to intensive sunshine, you had better get some sunglasses with strong UV protection, or polarized sunglasses.
  • Caroline hill


    Ralph lauren sunglasses have UV protection. It shields your eyes if you wear lauren sunglasses in intensive sunshine. They can offer 99%-100% protection. The design of wrap-around shades or large glasses gives better protection because they fit closer to your head. In addition, the color of brown, green and gray lenses will give more protection than other colored lenses.
  • crc32


    From the appearance, the ralph lauren sunglasses are so fashionable. The ralph lauren sunglasses have the uv protection which may protect your eyes from the uv rays and other bad sun lights. If you are the person who loves to pursue the fashion and care about the quality, the pair of ralph lauren sunglasses will be your type.