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Is optical mouse dangerous for eyes?

I just got a new optical mouse, but my sis told me that it would be bad for my eyes, is that true?
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  • Alexandria


    As long as you do not let the light of the optical mouse directly shoot into the eyes, the optical mouse can not do much harm to your eyes. The optical mouse applies the light beams of the light-emitting diode which are in sent in the way of diffusion. Thus the light sources will get weaker and weaker with the increase of distance, which can affect the reflection of the light sources. If the light shoots directly into the eyes, its high-power energy will certainly do some harm to the eyes, making the eyes feel blurry and pain. Therefore, just make sure the light does not shoot directly into your eyes so that the harm of the optical mouse to your eyes can be reduced to the least level.
  • Michael?


    The working method of optical mouse is to use the LED projectile light source to illuminate the objects then generates the shadow in the rough places on the surface of the staff, then the light through the refraction to the inductor, the inductor will analyze the imagine change from the receiving, in order to judge the direction of mouse moving. The LED light is scattered and weaken by the increasing of the distance. The LED light is the ordinary light that would not bring harm to human body. So please do not worry at all.