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What's the best brand of circle contact lenses?

I am looking for good circle contact lenses to make my eyes bigger? What brand should i go for? Where can i get them?
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  • Alexander david


    Many top brands have contact lenses. Each brand has special features that make it best one for you. You can choose some famous brands such as Boston, Bausch & Lomb, Biocompatibles, Ciba Vision, Cooper Vision, Johnson and so on. However, I am responsible to tell you that no one brand is best for all people. You should choose the most suitable ones for yourself by considering the contact lenses factors including base curve, diameter, power, astigmatism design, surface treatments. Therefore, you would better go to a good glasses store to check which ones are your best lenses.
  • clive


    Well, I can see that you are looking forward to making your eyes appear to be bigger and more attractive because circle contact lenses could give you what you want. So, as you can see, circle contact lenses has direct contact with our eyes, which are extremely important to us, so we must choose good quality lenses. Therefore I recommend Johnson and Johnson ACUVUE circle contact lenses because their quality could be reliable and their reputation is high in the circle. You could get them at some large shopping centers such as Walmart.