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What causes eye twitching in children?

My kid's eyes are twitching recently? What are reason of this. What can i do to deal with his problem?
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  • Edward White


    Eye twitching is a common problems that happen to lots of people. Usually, people with eye twitching will see their below eye lids keep twitching. In fact, there are lots of reasons can cause that eye twitching. For example, people with strong stress in their life. Besides, eye strain, tiredness, dry eyes as well as caffeine, alcohol and imbalance of nutrition can also cause eye twitching. So, you shall treat your eyes rightly according to the causes of your eye twitching.
  • b2dar2dai2datt


    Usually, the kids' eye twitching may be caused by his/her nervous excitation. If your kid not only got eye twitching but also some other risks like the rhinorrhea, I think you should think about whether he/ she caught a cold. These symptoms may look like little things for adults but you must pay a lot of attentions to your little kid. As long as you found this, you'd better take him/her to see the doctor and listen to their sufficient advice. Besides, try to make him/her have a good rest, drink more water.
  • waldron143


    The eye twitching is also called myokymia, which the eyelid muscle would be twitched. It's usually harmless and goes away naturally. However, it would be a sign of serious eye disease. Hence, you should clear know the reason why the eye would be twitched to prevent further eye disease. Normally, it would be affected by the person's temper, like anxiety. It's common to see in children based on this reason. And the eye allergy is one of the most important reasons to cause it. Then, the eye strain, dry eye, exhaustion and stress would cause the eye twitching if you using your eyes for an excess long period without any break, or you don't take enough rest. On the other hand, the beverage, such as coffee, alcohol, is a common reason to cause eye twitching. And unbalance of nutrition in the diet is held as one of the causes for eye twitching.

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